2020 - company reborn
Al Naqish Al Arabi starts from zero

This is just a beginning

As other companies in all over the world, Al Naqish Al Arabi also suffered loss of business because of Covid-19 virus. 

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But as wiseacres says - every end also is the beginning of something new. Our company also decided to change business style to reach bigger crowds of customers. 

Renewed office, bigger spaces, better geolocation - it is only couple of things, which we decided to improve in our company. Latest project - production showroom. From now You will be able not only to order beautiful things, but also to buy it direct from our shop. 

Pandemia gave us push to open new ways of communication

New company system. This lockdown, which closed us in our homes, made us afraid to meet, discuss, deal, visit each other, gave a big kick to online business development. Our company also started to use ERP system, so our customers can reach us easier, they can buy products online, follow up their orders or chat with our agent on our website.

E-commerce. Best way to stay safe while buying some items - order it online. UAE's market is ready to serve buyers not only ordering, but also delivering and installing bought things in your place. We are ready to help.